Is Windows 10 the Xbox One’s future UI?

Universal apps are on the way and connecting all of Microsoft’s application to create a Windows 10 ecosystem that promotes a diverse library of software on Xbox Ones, PCs, and Windows Phones. The looming plans to integrate all of the company’s platforms is already expected to help the app library grow and flourish, but with the similarities that the Xbox […]

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Fast gameplay, abstract setting, and quality multiplayer — the new trademarks of top shooters

With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releasing just last week, the highly publicized release of Destiny back in September, and the popularity of Titanfall on the Xbox One, it seems nearly all shooters — especially first-person shooters — are following similar blue-prints to success. Two generations ago it was Medal of Honor and Call of Duty leading the World War […]

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Can a videogame “Netflix” work?

It’s only $8.99 a month and gives you some of the best shows, movies, and documentaries. With nearly 30 million customers, you’re bound to know at least one person who uses Netflix, but as the new generation of consoles focuses more and more on digitally downloaded games, is now the perfect time for a videogame “Netflix” to arise? Currently the only […]

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