Bayonetta Dances Into Battle!

Nintendo announced yesterday during a Nintendo Direct broadcast, the company has revealed that will be added to the roster. Nintendo has stated that Bayonetta was the overall top pick in the Smash Bros. fan poll held earlier this year. Bayonetta’s package will also include her Umbra Clock setting as a playable stage, as well as new music tracks and several costumes. […]

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Fallout 4 1.2 patch now out on all platforms; addresses performance issues

Bethesda is notorious for having overly-buggy games at launch with almost every major release from them having some notable issues. Fallout 4 has been surprisingly clean breaking from that standard, but there have still been some issues — like duplication glitches and an infinite caps exploit that have unfairly benefited players. For now, Bethesda has addressed more technical issues while […]

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FFVII Remake turns its back on turn-based combat; Square Enix responds to criticisms

The latest Final Fantasy VII trailer has shown a surprising change in the classic RPG — the removal of the turn-based combat system that many fans were expecting to have. Pixelpine’s affiliate podcast, The Platinum Achievement Podcast, initially questioned whether new fans would be supportive of the old gameplay. It seems Square Enix thinks the risk would be too great […]

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