Hacker group takes credit for current Xbox Live disruptions

While the Microsoft servers have been inconsistent over the last few months, it seems that this current outage is not due to any technical gaffes on Microsoft’s part.

Currently all services including online multiplayer, social services, and the store are down.

The hacker group which shall not be named in this post, has impacted services before with the Playstation Network being taken down and the Sony president being threatened by a bomb scare.

As of 8:30 p.m. a short tweet stating “Xbox Live #Offline” is stickied on their twitter — their current medium used to update the public on all their attacks and general passive-aggressive threats towards a variety of major games.

Microsoft has not issued any statement regarding their state of resolving the disruption.

Update (11:58 p.m.): While there is still no official word from Microsoft, it appears that some services have returned in a limited state.

The hacker group has also threatened more attacks come Christmas day. The group has conveyed that they will be targeting more than just Microsoft.