Fallout 4 reveal trailer “It’s All Over”

Fallout 4 returns with an incredible wave of excitement being washed over everyone who’s been a fan of the series. The developers at Bethesda studios already had high expectations to live up to after the massive succcess of Fallout 3 as it won a variety of prestigious awards. The expectations look even higher now with the small glimpses at the post-war, decaying-world of Boston.

The entire trailer — run in real time — takes viewers through a world just before the nukes are launched and all the way up until Vault 111 is opened and the player takes his first looks at the radiation and mutant-infested world.

The game has been confirmed for an Xbox One, PS4, and PC release — though a release date is still unknown. Fallout 4’s inclusion in Bethesda’s E3 showing will be on June 14 at 7 pm PST (10 pm EST).


See below for a collection of trailer stills.

fallout 4 trailer still 1

Everything in the trailer is run in real-time.

fallout 4 trailer still 2

Improved lighting/shadows is immediately evident from the start.

fallout 4 trailer still 5

Vault 111 will be the initial home and starting point for players.

fallout 4 trailer still 4

Areas surrounding the city are open to exploration as well.

fallout 4 trailer still 10

The first glimpses of the world looks massive.

fallout 4 trailer still 7

The dense city looking eerie at night.

fallout 4 trailer still 8

Encampments and civilization continues on post-war.

fallout 4 trailer still 6

The city of Boston is the setting of Fallout 4.

fallout 4 trailer still 9

“War never changes”