Activision buys MLG; hopes of expanding eSports appeal

Major League Gaming is one of the most popular and well known eSports organizations in existence and Activision is hoping it gets even bigger — acquiring it for $46 million over the weekend. The deal gives Activision “substantially all of the Company’s liabilities” according to the The growth of eSports is one of the safest bets of the progression […]

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Ep. 23.1 – GOTY 2015

We want to thank Tim Nester for creating our community voting polls for Game of the Year 2015! In this episode we cover Best Villain, Best Community Moment, Best Indy Game, Best New IP, Overall Game of the Year and much much more! Thank you for an amazing year everyone! 2015 says ‘Banana and Out!’

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YouTuber Jackfrags shines light on the most obscure easter egg ever in Battlefield 4

Almost every game has some fun little side quests, items, stories, characters, or other little seemingly unnoticeable tidbits that have some heightened purpose outside of the core of the game. These easter eggs are fantastic for gamers to explore and find, but it seems one engineer at DICE LA, Julian Manolov, has taken it to the next level. DICE has recently […]

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