Ep. 38 – F*** Cortana

Pokemon Go is on the verge of death, but Brian is having fun giving them stupid nicknames. The Nintendo is allegdly bringing back some old school features for their next console and a copy of No Man’s Sky was sold for $2000. The co-hosts discuss their thoughts. Also! Brian hates Cortana and wants her murdered. A reward will be available […]

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Ep. 36 – 2016 GoTY So Far w/ Roughdawg4

Where are we at with this year in gaming so far? The Platinum Achievement crew join the always fantastic, special-guest Roughdawg4 to discuss the best games of the year so far. Listen to Brian, Matt, Chris, and Roughdawg’s top 5 favorite games at the midway point of the year and their most anticipated games of the rest of the year. […]

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God Of War 4 To Delve Into Norse Mythology

The God of War series, now one of the most successful PlayStation exclusives, has long delighted its fans with an exciting and highly dramatized take on Greek mythology. Dealing primarily with the Spartan warrior Kratos and a collection of Greek gods (most notably Ares, the god of war for whom the series is named), the games have always thrived on […]

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Things to look for at E3 2016

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E3 2016 is coming at a time where it seems like calling the Xbox One and the PS4 the “new generation” sounds crazy at this point. Now developers are fully in the swing of this iteration of hardware and though the excitement of the first few years of the new generation is dying down, a new excitement for high quality […]

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Ep. 34 – Who will steal the show at E3 2016?

Brian and Imran weren’t so sure how excited they would be for E3 2016, but after discussing their predictions for the show with Chris the hype has been sufficiently built up with expected big releases from Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA, Microsoft, and Sony. But where is Nintendo? Does anyone care for the WiiU anymore? The PA Podcast crew discusses all this and […]

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