Ep. 46 GOTY 2016 – The PA PODCAST


Finally Brian is back, he has been away because Elves abducted him and they forced him to make small toys using tiny tools while sitting on a tiny chair in Santa’s workshop but he was able to ESCAPE !!! Elves blood were spilled that day. In this very long episode, Chris, Brian and Matt share their Top 10 lists of Game […]

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Ep. 43 Nintendo Stop Being Nintendo


  Paul gives his opinion about killing floors. Chris talks about the difficulty of the unravel platinum. Matt is pissed off by nintendo’s mini NES stock shortage, because of nintendo little jimmy isn’t going to get his present. We name the playstation bear, in addition we ruin childhood cartoons. Make sure to send PSN friend request to Matt for him […]

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Ep. 42 How To Win A Battlefield Game


Paul and Matt team up to bash Chris about the legitimacy of his trophy counts. We talk about the different play styles between COD, Battlefield and other shooters. We converse about on which cities should Rockstar include in GTA Online. We also discuss on how Sean Murray Should have handled the No man’s sky post release situation. In other News, […]

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Ep. 38 – F*** Cortana

Pokemon Go is on the verge of death, but Brian is having fun giving them stupid nicknames. The Nintendo is allegdly bringing back some old school features for their next console and a copy of No Man’s Sky was sold for $2000. The co-hosts discuss their thoughts. Also! Brian hates Cortana and wants her murdered. A reward will be available […]

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Ep. 36 – 2016 GoTY So Far w/ Roughdawg4

Where are we at with this year in gaming so far? The Platinum Achievement crew join the always fantastic, special-guest Roughdawg4 to discuss the best games of the year so far. Listen to Brian, Matt, Chris, and Roughdawg’s top 5 favorite games at the midway point of the year and their most anticipated games of the rest of the year. […]

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